“I welcome questions. I hate assumptions.” ― Red Haircrow

As we step closer and closer to graduation, we reflect. A question that comes up often is: if you had the chance to do Princeton again, what would you change? My answer has been the same ever since the year of agony (aka, the year in which I took organic chemistry). I always say: “I would have taken organic chemistry over the summer, anywhere besides Princeton.” I think the answer is fair; my experience with organic chemistry was lackluster. The professor refused to have office hours (this has since changed), the weekly review sessions were scheduled during my organic chemistry night lab (and they refused to change the sessions to accommodate all of the students), and I had, by-far, the least helpful TA. The class experience was terrible but when organic chemistry confirmed, for me, was that I should sign-into the molecular biology department rather than the chemistry department.

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“Confidence is not about being perfect. It’s about knowing where you are, and that what you’re doing is taking you somewhere.”

I’m a second semester senior. That’s so weird to say. In a few months I will be a Princeton graduate. That is even weirder to say. Of course, I want to make the most of my remaining time by really taking advantage of what Princeton has to offer. This is possible (in part) because my course schedule is on the lighter side this semester.


Yep, I’m taking a grand total of two classes. The first of which is Health Psychology (PSY 317) and I’m really excited to take my first psychology class at Princeton (besides PSY Stats). The class focuses on physical manifestations of the psychological condition of stress, death and dying, in addition to the patient-physician dynamic. That dynamic is what I am most interesting in learning about this semester.

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