“Confidence is not about being perfect. It’s about knowing where you are, and that what you’re doing is taking you somewhere.”

I’m a second semester senior. That’s so weird to say. In a few months I will be a Princeton graduate. That is even weirder to say. Of course, I want to make the most of my remaining time by really taking advantage of what Princeton has to offer. This is possible (in part) because my course schedule is on the lighter side this semester.


Yep, I’m taking a grand total of two classes. The first of which is Health Psychology (PSY 317) and I’m really excited to take my first psychology class at Princeton (besides PSY Stats). The class focuses on physical manifestations of the psychological condition of stress, death and dying, in addition to the patient-physician dynamic. That dynamic is what I am most interesting in learning about this semester.

The second class is SOC/GSS 420 which is Born in the USA: Culture and Reproduction in America. I know! Doesn’t that sound extremely cool? The class is only sixteen people which is incredibly intimate and a bit scary to me. I am not the person who talks in class. Although I wouldn’t describe myself as shy, I am extremely quiet in precepts but I really can’t be that way in this seminar. In part, I’m taking this class because the last Gender Studies course I took (Fall 2011) was excellent and to push myself out of my comfort zone. An exercise in confidence.

Speaking of confidence, this has been an incredibly trying time for seniors. It’s time to send update letters for those of us in the medical school application cycle and of those taking a gap year it’s time to begin the process. Individuals applying to graduate programs have either heard back from schools and have been invited to interviews or are facing the silent denial. (Note: I think silent denial is extremely rude!) As seniors, we are juggling thesis, class, and what comes next. It’s difficult to handle and I feel for my friends whose plans for next year (or the next couple of years) are falling apart. I commend them on their strength. I support their attempts to piece everything together. I am confident that everything will work itself out.

April 24th is the day that looms ahead. That is the day that my thesis is due and I am nervous and exhilarated. At some points in time, I feel as though I will be able to successfully pull off the grand task of an undergraduate thesis and at other times I am a complete wreck. I generally spend anywhere between 50-70 hours in lab a week and this week has been no exception and I think the month of February is just going to be a crazily busy month for lab. I have a HUGE experimental deadline for the last week of February (if this works out this will be a mega finding, I have my fingers crossed) and so I want to log a lot more hours in lab. Luckily, I have a sleeping bag in my lab so I don’t technically need to leave. Don’t worry I’m kidding…sort of. Not about the sleeping bag but about not leaving the lab. I’ll leave…occasionally…hopefully.

What is important is that I continue to balance  my lab work with everything else in my life. Today, I went to lab to follow up an experiment that I started yesterday and to prepare for a large experiment that I’ll carry out Sunday through Wednesday. With all the lab work yesterday and today I missed pickups and initiations at my eating club. I don’t think I mind that all too much. But I did go a basketball game today and I am pleased to report that we beat Cornell today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

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