“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” — William Faulkner

Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, it appears that my last update was about  my move to New Orleans. Wow, I’ve been pretty absent. So to start, I’ll share with all of you what I’ve been up to since I moved into town.

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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” ― John F. Kennedy

Change is good, they say. It’s hard to know in the moment whether a change is going to bring wonder and adventure or irrevocable regret. Here marks the beginning of what I think will be a glorious adventure.

Over the weekend, I moved to New Orleans. I stepped foot into the three bedroom I am leasing with my two roommates. New Orleans is very different from my hometown and extremely different from Princeton, New Jersey. It’s a noisy, musical town. Proof: last night when I tried to sleep, I heard a trumpet rendition of “Happy Birthday.” It was beautiful and…loud. This move means that I have to get used to driving again. This move means utilities and a landlord and grocery shopping. I’m in the process of setting up WiFi in the apartment; and so, I am currently camped out in Starbucks. I don’t tend to study outside of my room, so this is actually quite the change. This move means that I need to perfect parallel parking. Let’s just say that my parking is a bit rusty. This move also means that I’m in a culinary wonderland.

Houston'sFirst meal in NOLA with my family! Absolutely wonderful meal at Houston’s. This is the wonderful Creole Barbecue Shrimp. I definitely recommend.

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Transitioning to Medical School

This may be the first time that I have mentioned this here, but I love the #almostdoctor community. In short: it’s support, informed, and witty. I wanted to share with you readers (who are likely to be pre-medical students, less likely to be medical students, and extremely likely to be members of my family) the perspectives of other proud members the #almostdoctor community. Today, I am privileged to have Z (incoming medical student at University of Michigan) share with you the ten things that have her anxious about the transition to medical school. If you want to keep up with her journey, follow her blog (5 Year Journey: Medical School Edition) or her witty tweets.

guest post: Z

As my frequent readers know, I love blogging via lists and bullet points. It’s easy, gets my points across, and generally manageable for readers. So, following that tradition, here is a list of things that I’m currently anxious and nervous about for my transition to medical school.

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