“Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” ― Susan Scarf Merrell

I am really lucky. I can legitimately say that my brother and sister are my favorite people in the entire world. Not all of my friends can say the same and I think it helps that all of us (my brother, sister, and I) are pretty different and not particularly competitive with one another (the age gaps help with that). So today I’m going to talk (read: brag) a bit about my sister.

We are pretty different. I write. She draws. I love vegetables. She likes … some vegetables. I love the humanities (why am I a molecular biology major again?) and she is a math goddess. We have a couple of similarities of course. We are both studious. We both play piano and we both play tennis but our differences are manifest in our really different high school journeys. In particular, my sister is involved with her High School Debate / Speech Team. That’s so cool, right? In high school, I would tremble my way through presentations; I would have been far too afraid to even entertain the idea of being part of a debate / speech team. Even now, I’m just reaching the point where I can say that I am not afraid of giving presentations (read: I no longer get sick before presentations).

Back to my sister.  One of the coolest things is that my sister is involved with YMCA Youth Government. My sister was previously the Chief Justice but recently campaigned for governor which required a whole bunch of paraphernalia, a campaign video, and multiple speeches. I’m really excited to say that my sister won!!!!

Congratulations kiddo.

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