What to Wear: White Coat Ceremony Edition

You guys may remember the phenomenal guest post from my friend Z, an incoming medical student at the University of Michigan. She runs a great blog where she (1) describes her experience to get into medical school, (2) provides advice for medical students, and (3) intends to detail the highs-and-lows of medical school. I am happy to announce that today, one of my guest posts is live on Z’s blog. Check it out — and let me know what you think!

Edit: in light of Z’s moving on from her blog, the original post will be posted below.

Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited to feature a guest post on my blog by Ajibike Lapite who blogs at Stilettos + Sthethoscopes. Ajibike keeps a very vibrant blog that details her transition into life in New Orleans as an MD/MPH candidate at Tulane. I highly recommend you stop by her blog once you read her guest post. As someone who wants to detail parts of her medical school experience, I thoroughly enjoy reading Ajibike’s detailed posts about her life.

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Now that the thesis deadline, Dean’s Date debacle, and the thesis defense have come to pass, I feel a lot like my academic responsibilities have come to close. This is a bit problematic because I do have a final next Wednesday–why does this feel like a formality rather than a test–but now that the hustle and bustle have slowed down, I am looking toward summer. Summer means: soaking up the sun, lounging around pools, and the adorable summer attire. A summer staple (you guessed it!) is the swimsuit. For many women, the advance of swimsuit season means: (1) re-evaluation of their swimsuit collections and (2) more frequent gym visits. For some, re-evaluation leads to outlet/mall visits in hopes of procuring the perfect (read: inexpensive, unique, and flattering) swimsuit for the summer. This is a no easy task.

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