Guest Post: 6 Tips to Survive the Residency Interview Season

surviving medicine.png

So ERAS is submitted and it’s time for interviews. What a flurry of travel, deep conversations with interviewers and co-interviewees, and excitement. People told me interview season would be the most expensive vacation I would take. It was…expensive. It did not necessarily feel like a vacation. As many of y’all know, I completed a four year MD/MPHTM program and had to complete five tropical medicine courses alongside rotations in the fall semester of my fourth year. Scheduling interviews around my laboratory schedule and my examinations led to two weeks of four interviews per week. Please do yourself a favor and schedule your interviews in a way that is not completely tiresome. Okay let’s jump into it.

Check out the rest of this guest post (that is appropriately timed given that this is interview season) at Surviving Medicine.

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