New Orleans: Vessel


One week ago, I submitted my application to some amazing pediatric residency programs. This application process is in some ways easier compared to that of medical school – there are no secondary applications / additional costs, it’s extremely simple to have standardized test scores sent to each school, and the process is just in general streamlined. Nonetheless, this application process is unnerving. It is absolutely wild that…in March I will find out if I have to move for the next three years of my life. To be able to choose where you go to medical school is such a luxury (which, of course, I didn’t appreciate at the time). I’m excited and nervous about what comes next.

Interviews invites have been rolling in and I’m excited about the months of travel to come. I mentioned this on Instagram that as much as I am flattered that you guys are excited to see how this process goes for me, I won’t share specifics about interview invites until after interview season.

So what is going to happen to this space? I’m status post examinations (thank goodness) and beyond graded clerkships. I’ve shared my advice for MS1 – MS3 year coursework. I’ve shared some tips about USMLE 1. I have a few blog posts coming up about USMLE 2 CK and CS in addition to posts about VSAS and ERAS eventually. So back to the original question – what will happen to this space?

I think that this blog will involve more of my day-to-day life in addition to advice. I tend to answer questions on Instagram but I’ll be sure to address some of these questions on the blog as well.

This post is a quick recap of one of the best meals I’ve had in the past four weeks. I went to Vessel about two weekends ago with my dear friend Hugh. His name may be familiar to some of you who have been following the blog for some time. We’ve explored the Bywater and Marigny in the past. Vessel, however, is a very hip restaurant in Mid City. It is relatively new and has been on my to-try list for some time.

The aesthetic is worth mentioning. The restaurant has a very unique space – a previous church.


The interior is as stunning as the exterior, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.


This is Hugh! Does he look familiar? Also how great are these shorts?


Per usual, we ordered a few entrees to share. We ordered: 1) ground lamb, bell pepper,  crushed tomato, red onion, and parsley flatbread; 2) broccoli & summer squash, buttermilk dressing, parmigiano-reggiano, and 3) shrimp, bellegarde grits, house tasso, LA shallot, chappapeela saison jus.

The food was absolutely phenomenal.


I almost did not include this photo but it’s honestly just too funny not to do so.


We ordered dessert (of course!): ricotta panna cotta, black pepper-strawberry coulis, lemon-semolina shortbread. This was also excellent.


Here’s a quick look at the interior. Super modern, right?


Here is another (adorable) photo of Hugh just outside of Vessel.  I was not going to share a photo of myself – I am a bit photo shy – but I knew that one of my friends would text me and tell me to update the post.


As always, feel free to send me questions (and I’ll try to address them in an upcoming blog post). Love you guys ❤

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