On My Radar

on my radar

Once I turned in the last final of my undergraduate career, I delved into the world of the New York Times, The Washington PostTime, and of course Vogue. What they say is true–Princeton is the Orange Bubble and I (and I may be an extreme case) was not particularly engaged in the outer world. From time to time, I’d like to share articles and social media gems from the week that I found interesting; perhaps you’ll enjoy them as well!

One: The male quest for larger muscles is not mentioned as often as the often publicized body image issues of women. James Fell describes the increasing desire for musculature and How are men affected by the new portrayal of the “perfect” man. It’s definitely an interesting read!

Two: The evolution of ‘dad dancing’ is the absolute perfect video for Father’s Day. (On that note: Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!!!)

Three: Another botched lethal injection. Sigh. Sanburn describes this particular situation in Oklahoma and opens the dialogue about death penalty. It raises questions: why are executioners experimenting with new ‘lethal’ cocktails? Why is that allowed? More information will be provided in the next couple of weeks.

Four: Some male high school students explain why they are feminists. I have such appreciation for these men. This is just one step closer to the world become an equal and safe place for womankind.

Five: A second study demonstrates that pharmaceuticals for other ailments can prove useful for cancer. In this case, cancer is treated with a malaria drug. Is it just me, or do I see the war on cancer becoming a little bit more leveled (finally)!

Six: Some medical professions are soon to use Google Glass to record patient visits. I know if it’s just me, but it sounds like such a good idea. Dictations will be a thing of a past (…I suppose that’s already sorta true). For those of you who are physicians are soon-to-be physicians, Drchrono is still accepting applications to be involved with the program.

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