“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” ― Nelson Mandela

In one of my medical school interviews, the student interviewer asked me about my leadership style. He proposed that there are two modes of leadership: (1) leadership via example and (2) leadership via delegation. I often have trouble with questions that propose just two alternatives; rarely is life that black or white. Of course., I told him that my leadership (depending on the situation) could be likened to either mode of leadership.

Now that it is my second semester of the year (and last semester ever) at Princeton, I have prepared to hand over the organizations I hold dear to my heart. Although Her Campus Princeton is currently being reconstructed, team wise, I am so excited to pass on the Princeton Premedical Society to such a fantastic team.

The last event that my officer corp planned in this Friday. I am both excited and saddened.



For obvious reasons, I am extremely proud of the poster.

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