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I find fashion to be such a fascinating frontier. In part, my interest in fashion led to my involvement with Her Campus Princeton — a magazine I co-founded at Princeton. Okay sure, not all the content was about fashion (it wasn’t a fashion magazine) but I was most excited about the photo shoots and fashion projects that we undertook.

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Now that the thesis deadline, Dean’s Date debacle, and the thesis defense have come to pass, I feel a lot like my academic responsibilities have come to close. This is a bit problematic because I do have a final next Wednesday–why does this feel like a formality rather than a test–but now that the hustle and bustle have slowed down, I am looking toward summer. Summer means: soaking up the sun, lounging around pools, and the adorable summer attire. A summer staple (you guessed it!) is the swimsuit. For many women, the advance of swimsuit season means: (1) re-evaluation of their swimsuit collections and (2) more frequent gym visits. For some, re-evaluation leads to outlet/mall visits in hopes of procuring the perfect (read: inexpensive, unique, and flattering) swimsuit for the summer. This is a no easy task.

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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe

I am currently thumbing through the Summer 2013 Jack Wills lookbook. Jack Wills, as I would describe, is H&M with a British twist. I started to follow Jack Wills when I heard about #thebestsummerinternship through Her Campus last year, but my love of the brand has skyrocketed now that Jack Wills has a branch in Princeton. Hopefully, my fingers are crossed, they will work with Her Campus Princeton on our upcoming photoshoot–the fifth and last photoshoot that I will plan–and fashion show.

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