Sponsor: Cheeky Chic

Now that the thesis deadline, Dean’s Date debacle, and the thesis defense have come to pass, I feel a lot like my academic responsibilities have come to close. This is a bit problematic because I do have a final next Wednesday–why does this feel like a formality rather than a test–but now that the hustle and bustle have slowed down, I am looking toward summer. Summer means: soaking up the sun, lounging around pools, and the adorable summer attire. A summer staple (you guessed it!) is the swimsuit. For many women, the advance of swimsuit season means: (1) re-evaluation of their swimsuit collections and (2) more frequent gym visits. For some, re-evaluation leads to outlet/mall visits in hopes of procuring the perfect (read: inexpensive, unique, and flattering) swimsuit for the summer. This is a no easy task.

I have recently become acquainted with Angela who runs a popular online boutique by the name of Cheeky Chic. I was initially interested in the Cheeky Chic boutique because of their selection of beautiful heels; I quickly realized that Cheeky Chic has a plethora of swimsuits that are cute, unique, and fairly inexpensive. What is particularly interesting about the Cheeky Chic swimsuit collection is the vintage/retro vibe; many of the suits are modernizations of the suits sported by the much loved Marilyn Monroe. Cheeky Chic has four swimsuit collections: (1) Retro Collection, (2) Lap of Luxury Collection, (3)  3-PC Bikini Collection, and (4) Wrap Around Bikini Collection.

The bikini sets in Retro Collection and the Wrap Around Bikini Collection are $40 (which is such a steal) while the bikinis in 3-PC (3 Piece) collection is $50. The 3-PC bikini includes a bikini top, bikini bottom, and a matching skirt. The Lap of Luxury collection features vintage bikini sets, but the prices range $60-$100 for a bikini top or bikini bottom; the only one piece in the collection is $145. It is definitely a beautiful, fashion-forward suit, but I am unsure of whether it is worth the investment. For those of you on the college-student or graduate-student budget, the swimsuits in the other collections are the best bet.


I am partial to the Retro Collection. High waisted bikini bottoms are extremely flattering and on-trend. The Retro Collection is filled with fairly priced options (all of the bikini sets are $40) that are colorful and well-designed. My favorites are the Teal Bow Retro Bikini (after all, pink and blue are my favorite colors) and the Larna Polka Retro Bikini (you can never go wrong with polka dots).

Do you prefer another collection or perhaps different suits in the Retro Collection? Where do you tend to buy your swimwear? I love hearing from all of you. Feel free to let me know what you think the comment box below.

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